Mostly specimen-books from typefounders, arranged chronologically.

A Specimen of Printing Types Cast at Bell & Stephenson's Original British Letter Foundry, from punches and matrices executed under their direction by William Colman, regulator, and Richard Austin, punch-cutter. London, 1789.

A Specimen of Printing Types and Various Ornaments for the Embellishment of Press Work, by S. & C. Stephenson, British Foundry, Breams Buildings, Chancery Lane. London, 1796.

A Specimen of Printing Types, and Ornaments, Cast in the letter-Foundry of George Bruce, at No. 10 Chambers-Street, Near Chatham-Street. New-York. 1828. —It should be noted that many of Dr. Boli's favorite type fonts are imitated from George Bruce designs of this era.

The Specimen Book of Types Cast at the Austin Letter Foundry. London, [1838, according to librarian].

Specimen of Printing Types by Henry Caslon, Chiswell Street, London: Letter-Founder to Her Majesty's Honourable Board of Excise. 1841. —This is doubtless a member of the famous Caslon typefounding family, and the firm claims to be the direct successor of William Caslon.

Specimen of Plain & Ornamental Types from the Foundry of V. & J. Figgins, London, 1845.

An Abridged Specimen of Printing Types made at Bruce's New-York Type-Foundry. New York, 1869.

The Gresham Steam-Press. Printing types and ornaments used by Unwin Brothers, Printers. London, 1869.

The Cincinnati Type Foundry Co's Specimen and Price-List, 1870.

Harpel's Typograph, or Book of Specimens, containing useful information, suggestions, and a collection of examples of letterpress job printing arranged for the assistance of master printers, amateurs, apprentices, and others. By Oscar H. Harpel, typographic designer and printer. Cincinnati, 1870. —Many beautiful color examples.

Specimens of Plain and Fancy Printing Types, borders, corners, rules, &c. Dominion Type-Founding Co. (Limited.) Montreal, 1874.

Hailing's Circular.
Volume I. London, 1877-1882. —A quarterly publication filled with specimens of fine printing and advice to printers.

The Printers' International Specimen Exchange: in connection with the Paper and Printing Trades Journal. London: Office of the Paper and Printing Trades Journal. —Spectacular demonstrations of the most lavishly expensive printing techniques, many scanned in glorious color.
Vol. I.—1880.

Vol. II.—1881.

Vol. IV.—1883.

Vol. VIII.—1887.

Vol. IX.—1888.

Vol. X.—1889.

Vol. XI.—1890.

Specimens of Printing Types, Brass Rules, Etc., from Farmer, Little & Co., Chicago, 1887.

The Seventeenth Book of Specimens from the Cincinnati Type Foundry. Compact Edition. Cincinnati, 1888.

Schniedewind & Lee Co's Specimen Book and Price List of Type manufactured by MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Co. (Johnson Type Foundry). Chicago, 1888.

Hawks & Shattuck's New Specimen Book and Price List of Types, Rules, Borders and Other Printing Materials. San Francisco, 1889.

Specimens of Electrotypes, comprising cuts, borders, initials, etc. Chicago: A. Zeese & Co., 1891.

Palmer & Rey's Fifth Revised Specimen Book and Price List of Printing Material. San Francisco, 1892.

Specimens from the A. D. Farmer and Son Type Founding Co. New York, 1893.

Specimens of Type. New York: Economical Printing Company, 1896.

Desk Book: Specimens of Type, Borders & Ornaments, Brass Rules & Electrotypes; Catalogue of Printing Machinery and Materials, Wood Goods, etc. American Type Founders Company, 1898.

Souvenir. Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1899. —A fine picture of the librarian's hand on the title page.

Typographic Specimens. Illustrated Catalogue. A. D. Farmer & Son, New York, 1900.

The Book of Specimens. Stanhope Press, Boston, 1905.

American Line Type Book. American Type Founders Co., 1906.

The Monotype Specimen Book of Type-Faces. Lanston Monotype Machine Company, Philadelphia, 1916.

Supplementary Catalogue: New Type Faces, Borders, Ornaments, Brass Rules, produced by this company since the publication of the American Specimen Book of Type Styles, 1912. American Type Founders Company, 1917.

Here Type Can Serve You. J. M. Bundscho, Advertising Typographer, Chicago, 1920. —Filled with advertisements of the period, in addition to standard type samples.

Type Book: This same being intended as an aid to the Worker in Type who seeks proper guidance for his inspiration in the selection of suitable type faces possessing those characteristics of refinement which are most acceptable to good taste in letter-press work. Detroit: Thos. P. Henry Linotyping Company, 1923.