The Book of English Trades, and Library of the Useful Arts.
With seventy engravings. A new edition enlarged. London: Richard Phillips, 1818. —The engravings are priceless documents, apparently executed with some care for accuracy in the representation of the various tradesmen at work.
Another copy.
Another copy.

The New Clerk’s Magazine, containing all he most useful forms, which occur in business transactions between man and man. Boston: Lilly, Wait, and Company, 1833. —A compendium of contracts, agreements, bonds, leases, and every kind of legal document.

The Carriage Trimmer's Manual and Guide Book and Illustrated Technical Dictionary, a practical treatise for the carriage trimmer. By Wm. N. Fitz-Gerald. New York, 1881. —Illustrated with fine engravings of all types of carriages.

How Motion Pictures Are Made. By Homer Croy. Illustrated. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1918.

Palmer Plan Handbook: Photoplay Writing Simplified and Explained. By Frederick Palmer. Revised edition. Los Angeles: Palmer Photoplay Corporation, 1920. —“I am firmly convinced—signed, sealed, and delivered—on the system of photoplay writing taught by the Palmer department of education,” says King Vidor, who know a thing or two about the subject.

Photoplay Plot Encyclopedia. An analysis of the use in photoplays of the Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations and their subdivisions. Containing a list of all the fundamental dramatic material to be found in human experience, including the synopses of one hundred produced representative photoplays, with a detailed analysis of the situations used in each. By Frederick Palmer. Los Angeles: Palmer Photoplay Corporation.
1920 edition.

1922 edition.