Books about principles of architecture, architectural styles, and the architecture of certain remarkable buildings.

Principles of Architecture


Vitruvius' Architecture was an indispensable handbook in the 1500s, not only for architects, but for any gentleman who pretended to taste. Thus there are many fine illustrated editions from that time.

M. Vitruvii Pollionis De Architectura Libri Decem ad Caesarem Augustum; omnibus omnium editionibus longe emendatiores, collatis veteribus exemplis. Lugduni, 1552. With many illustrations.

M. Vitruvii Pollionis De Architectura Libri Decem, cum commentariis Danielis Barbari, Electi Patriarchae Aquileiensis. Multis aedificiorum, horologium, et machinarum descriptionibus, & figuris, una cum indicibus copiosis,auctis & illustratis. venetiis, 1567. Beautifully printed in italic type, with splendid engravings.

M. Vitruvii Pollionis De Architectura Libri Decem, ad Caes. Augustum... (Missing title page in scan, but the date "1586" is scrawled on a blank page, which seems about right from the style of printing.)

The Architecture of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, in ten books. Translated from the Latin by Joseph Gwilt. 1826.

The Ten Books on Architecture, translated by Morris Hicky Morgan, Ph.D., Ll.D. With illustrations and original designs prepared under the direction of Herbert Langford Warren, A.M. 1914.
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Rudiments of Architecture, practical and theoretical. With plates. By Joseph Gwilt. London: Priestley and Weale, 1826. —Mr. Gwilt was a very busy man: this book was published in the same year as his translation of Vitruvius (above).

The Gothic Quest. By Ralph Adams Cram. New York: Baker and Taylor, 1907. —A spirited argument in favor of the Gothic style in American church architecture by America’s greatest Gothic architect.
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Descriptions of Famous Buildings

Lambeth Palace Illustrated in a Series of Views, representing its most interesting antiquities in buildings, portraits, stained glass, &c. London: F. Herbert and R. W. Brayley, 1806. —The title above is the one on the engraved title page; the printed title page gives us the title A Concise Account, Historical and Descriptive, of Lambeth Palace.

A Descriptive and Historical Account of Various Palaces and Public Buildings, (English and foreign:) with biographical notices of their founders, and other eminent persons. By James Norris Brewer. With various additions and emendations, but B. R. Gill, Esq. London: William Gilling, 1821.

Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales; the drawings made from sketches taken expressly for this work, by Robert Garland, architect. With an historical and descriptive account. London: Effingham Wilson and Charles Tilt, 1836.
Vol. I.

Vol. II.
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